Pinterest Spotlight: Sarah Dobson

Marni Golden

sarah1 Pinterest Spotlight: Sarah Dobson

StyleCaster: When did you join Pinterest, and what exactly made you originally decide to join Pinterest? 

Sarah Dobson: I believe I joined soon after it launched – in the fall of 2010 (ish). I had seen a fellow Canadian I met while interning at Wish magazine (now folded) using it on her blog and asked her for an invitation. It seemed like the perfect thing to replace my collection of physical tear-sheets (a habit I picked up from interning in the art departments of Wish and Teen Vogue).

SC: Please describe your blog/site and how this interacts/overlaps with your Pinterest page.

SD: I have all but abandoned my tumblr. It used to serve the same purpose as my Pinterest: keeping track of images, links articles and what not that I liked and wanted to remember. My online portfolio of graphic design work desperately needs updating – As soon as I find the time, I’m going to develop a new site for freelance design and creative consulting.

SC: What area(s) on Pinterest would you say is your specialty?

SD: I don’t think I have one.

SC: Is there an image (pin) that you are just sick of seeing over and over? 

SD: While lovely, images of macaroons.

SC: How do you feel Pinterest most differs from other social media platforms – pros/cons? Which other social networks are you on (please send me your corresponding links)? 

SD: I don’t use Pinterest as a social media platform. Some of my friends with small businesses do, and I think it’s a terrific tool for them to share their brand’s perspective. If they use it cleverly, to attract people with aligning interests, it will expand the brand’s audience. The con being if they don’t manage to develop or reinforce their unique perspective, it will render the brand uninteresting or confused.

SC: How does using Pinterest affect, influence or inspire your work and/or style?

SD: Pinterest as a company inspires me. I plan to start my own business, and am impressed with what they created. It is relevant and useful to both individuals, and companies. As a deeply visual person, the stream of self-curated visual inspiration Pinterest provides makes me happy and inspires me on a daily basis. I often refer to my boards to aide in decisions ranging from what to make for dinner, to what I will wear and how I will do my hair for an event like a wedding. It is very convenient.

SC: Please provide links to 5 of your favorite pinners.

SD: I’m RevoltingTeen AngsterKaelen (my most stylish friend; also a wonderful designer I collaborate with on prints for her line of clothing), Natasha Jen (a Partner at Pentagram – the company I work for) and Julia Rambeau (a beloved best friend who lives in my home city of Toronto. I love seeing what she’s into from afar).

SC: What type of pins (products, neon colors, pastels, decor, vintage style, etc) do you see the best response from? Does this surprise you?

SD: Perhaps hair and beauty-related pins. That doesn’t surprise me though. I have noticed that some people respond negatively to some of my more “edgy” style and apparel pins — it always surprises me when people go out of their way to be negative.

SC: If you could give one piece of advice to a new user on Pinterest what would that be?

SD: Be true to your own taste.

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