Pinterest Spotlight: Ruffled’s Amanda Nistor

Marni Golden

amanda11 Pinterest Spotlight: Ruffleds Amanda Nistor

StyleCaster: Please describe your blog/site and how this interacts/overlaps with your Pinterest page.

Amanda Nistor: Ruffled is a wedding blog for nostalgic inspiration and all around creative ideas. Our Pinterest page is a continuation of our aesthetics that go beyond weddings and little things we genuinely love.

SC: Are there pinners or boards that you follow that are completely off-topic for you (i.e. you have a blog and Pinterest account about weddings and decor and you follow cute animal pin boards). If so, which are your favorites? 

AN: Definitely! I love following interior design boards and pinners from completely different areas outside of weddings. In fact, I find most of my inspiration from non-wedding related sites. Some of my favorite Pinners include Centsational Girl, Emily Henderson, and Dustjacket Addict.

SC: How do you feel Pinterest most differs from other social media platforms – pros/cons? Which other social networks are you on (please send me your corresponding links)? 

AN: Pinterest is a real time tastemaking website, and we love seeing what our readers are interested in. Since it’s mainly a public visual board involving people’s personal tastes, not all you see will be to your liking and sometimes Negative Nancys may act upon it. Weed out a few bad apples, because Pinterest is indeed a positive place for inspiration! We’re also on Twitter and Facebook.

SC: How does using Pinterest affect, influence or inspire your work and/or style?

AN: Having a visual stream of our readers love and what our pros recommend is a great little potion to inspire us to bring content they are looking to see now.

SC: Please provide links to 5 of your favorite pinners.

AN: In no particular order: Centsational GirlEmily HendersonDustjacket Addict, Dear Golden and Ez Pudewa.

SC: What type of pins (products, neon colors, pastels, decor, vintage style, etc) do you see the best response from? Does this surprise you?

AN: Wedding decor ideas and off-the-charts gorgeous bridal fashion, without a doubt. Brides on Pinterest are always searching for ways to make their weddings unique, so it doesn’t come as a surprise they are after creating the next trend.

SC: If you could give one piece of advice to a new user on Pinterest what would that be?

AN: Make sure to pin from correct sources, such as using permalinks – not the main domain. Also avoid uploading pins without linking to the site where you originally found the image! We often receive emails asking where was the original post from a certain pinned image that was simply linked from Ruffled, so pinning from permalinks is a sure way to share your pins with others that may want to repin that image not just for its inspiration but for the full monty as well.

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