Pinterest Spotlight: Katie Evans

Marni Golden

katie1 Pinterest Spotlight: Katie Evans

StyleCaster: When did you join Pinterest, and what exactly made you originally decide to join Pinterest? 

Katie Evans: I signed up for an account two years ago. I wanted to join because I was tired of my unorganized ways of saving inspiration in random folders on my desktop. I wanted it all in one place where I could access it from any computer and know where it came from.

SC: What area(s) on Pinterest would you say is your specialty?

KE: I’m currently planning my wedding so everything from decorations, design and food — I’m all over it.

SC: Is there an image (pin) that you are just sick of seeing over and over? 

KE: The exercise/motivational ones — I use Pinterest to be inspired visually, not physically.

SC: What do you find people are pinning most from your blog and/or pin account? 

KE: People love the simple illustrations I do like the bobby pins or the fun gif animations. It’s too bad Pinterest doesn’t support gifs.

SC: How do you feel Pinterest most differs from other social media platforms – pros/cons? Which other social networks are you on (please send me your corresponding links)?

KE: It’s different because it’s a visual way of sharing and organizing information vs a 140 character thought. In addition to Pinterest I’m on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram (evans_katie) and Etsy. I can’t keep up with anything else at the moment.

SC: How does using Pinterest affect, influence or inspire your work and/or style?

KE: I’ve been exposed to a lot of artists I never would’ve seen, as well as clothes that I shouldn’t have seen.

SC: Please provide links to 5 of your favorite pinners. 

KE: Kate Spade New York for their charm, Bekka Palmer and Wit & Delight for their unique product finds, Present & Correct for their killer office supplies and for their sass.

SC: If you could give one piece of advice to a new user on Pinterest what would that be? 

KE: Give credit to the photographer/designer/illustrator/art director.

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