Pinterest Spotlight: Brooklyn Blonde’s Helena Glazer

Marni Golden

helena1 Pinterest Spotlight: Brooklyn Blondes Helena Glazer

StyleCaster: When did you join Pinterest, and what exactly made you originally decide to join Pinterest?  

Helena Glazer: I was actually pretty late to the Pinterest bandwagon, joining only a few months ago. It’s just such an incredible place for inspiration while allowing you to be organized at the same time.

SC: Please describe your blog/site and how this interacts/overlaps with your Pinterest page. 

HG: My blog focuses mainly on personal style and fashion. It’s pretty amazing how much traffic I get from Pinterest (back to my blog) from others who pin an outfit of mine.

SC: What area(s) on Pinterest would you say is your specialty? 

HG: Definitely personal & street style as well as detail and accessory shots.

SC: Are there pinners or boards that you follow that are completely off-topic for you (i.e. you have a blog and Pinterest account about weddings and decor and you follow cute animal pin boards). If so, which are your favorites? 

HG: As someone who is planning an upcoming wedding, I love The Perfect Palette.

SC: Is there an image (pin) that you are just sick of seeing over and over? 

HG: Initially I was going to say Olivia Palermo, but truthfully, I cannot even say I’m sick of seeing her and her beautiful outfits.

SC: What do you find people are pinning most from your blog and/or pin account? 

HG: I’d say these denim cutoffs and a silky white blouse was a pretty popular pin. From my own blog, my pastel jeans and blazer combo was one of my top pinned outfits.

SC: How do you feel Pinterest most differs from other social media platforms – pros/cons? Which other social networks are you on (please send me your corresponding links)? 

HG: I know there has been lots of legal talk regarding Pinterest, but for me, I only see it as a positive. There’s no better way to get  recipes you want to try, outfits that inspire you and decoration ideas all in one place. Best of all, you get to share these images with others. I also adore Instagram for all the eye candy it provides.

SC: How does using Pinterest affect, influence or inspire your work and/or style? 

HG: There are many days when I’m getting dressed in the morning, or even getting ready to style a shoot and I’ll turn to my Pinterest folders for inspiration. Sometimes I just need to see a few images or color combinations to give my brain a jump start.

SC: Please provide links to 5 of your favorite pinners.

HG: EatSleepWearBarneys NYMarissa WebbGlitter Guide and Punchfork.

SC: What type of pins (products, neon colors, pastels, decor, vintage style, etc.) do you see the best response from? Does this surprise you?  

HG: I’d say it’s outfits people can easily replicate, especially if the item incorporates denim in some way.

SC: If you could give one piece of advice to a new user on Pinterest what would that be? 

HG: The only advice I give is to people who aren’t using Pinterest – telling them they need to get on!

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