Pinterest Spotlight: Atlantic Pacific’s Blair Eadie

Marni Golden

blair21 Pinterest Spotlight: Atlantic Pacifics Blair Eadie

StyleCaster: When did you join Pinterest, and what exactly made you originally decide to join Pinterest? 

Blair Eadie: I joined about three months ago! I feel like I was a little late to the game, but like others I just found it a great place to be inspired as well as organize my inspiration.

SC: Please describe your blog/site and how this interacts/overlaps with your Pinterest page.

BE: I run a personal style blog. I use Pinterest to ‘pin’ my posts under ‘my style and closet’ as well as organize my fashion inspirations.

SC: What area(s) on Pinterest would you say is your specialty?

BE: I am strictly a fashion blogger and on Pinterest my boards pretty much reflect that. My pins are focused mainly on fashion, fashion accessories and color/prints in fashion.  I do have one miscellaneous board which encompasses pretty, but non-fashion, related photos. This is anything from travel to typography to a funny dog photo — really anything that strikes my fancy!

SC: Are there pinners or boards that you follow that are completely off-topic for you (i.e. you have a blog and Pinterest account about weddings and decor and you follow cute animal pin boards). If so, which are your favorites? 

BE: I would say I mostly stick to fashion pinners. I do however follow a few fashion/lifestyle pinners who are always pinning adorable kids and party planning ideas that make me smile!

SC: Is there an image (pin) that you are just sick of seeing over and over? 

BE: Not that I can think of, BUT every now and again I venture to the ‘main’ popular page and the only pins that seriously bother me are the pins that I feel are created just to stir up controversy on sensitive subjects. Everyone is entitled their their own opinion but I prefer to keep Pinterest a happy and light-hearted place.

SC: What do you find people are pinning most from your blog and/or pin account? 

BE: I would have to say the images of personal style, which I think makes sense since I am a personal style blogger.

SC: How do you feel Pinterest most differs from other social media platforms – pros/cons? Which other social networks are you on (please send me your corresponding links)? 

BE: I think for those attracted to social media platforms for fashion blogging, they are most likely very visual people. That is what I like most about Pinterest is that it is a visually driven platform.  Unlike Instagram, which is also highly visual, you can also link on Pinterest- which is extremely helpful (although as we all know there are those times you end up in a deep, black, scary internet hole looking for the original source). I am also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and just joined Pose!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pose user name: AtlanticPacific

SC: How does using Pinterest affect, influence or inspire your work and/or style?

BE: I think Pinterest inspires and sparks new styling ideas for me personally but also working in fashion/retail it is helpful to watch certain trends emerge or die.

SC: Please provide links to 5 of your favorite pinners.


SC: What type of pins (products, neon colors, pastels, decor, vintage style, etc) do you see the best response from? Does this surprise you?

BE: I would say anything super colorful! I think that makes sense because many of those pictures are the ones that evoke emotions of happiness and are just really pretty to look at!  I think people go on Pinterest to be inspired but also to escape — so I think pinners gravitate towards those colorful images that are happy!

 SC: If you could give one piece of advice to a new user on Pinterest what would that be?

BE: Don’t just re-pin others, go out there and find your own inspiration to share with the community!

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