How To Throw a Pinterest-Worthy Party

Leah Bourne

Fotor01008200917Sure you want to throw a party that is fun to attend, but a big part of entertaining these days is making the photos that come from your events, for lack of a better word, pretty. Here, our top ideas for throwing a party that is Pinterest-worthy. Happy entertaining, and then pinning.
1. Serve Pinnable Food
Why not host a potluck dinner, and ask your guests to bring their most pinned recipe. It is the best way to serve a Pinterest-worthy dinner.
2. Party In Color
Serve food in the colors that you pin the most, decorate in those colors, and ask your guests to dress in those colors as well. A note: people love pink on Pinterest.
3. All About the Cake
Tell friends to bake a dessert, minus the toppings. Then create the masterpiece at the party using sprinkles, stencils, and icing, creating something that is perfect for Pinterest.
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