How To Become A Pinterest It-Girl: 6 Simple Tips

Liz Doupnik
How To Become A Pinterest It-Girl: 6 Simple Tips
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In a time when it seems like a new social media network sprouts out every week, it can be intimidating on how to achieve any sort of large following. Then there are those other kids who somehow have a gajillion friends with boards, profiles and a presence that is out of this world, which leaves the regular online folk (just like yours truly) questioning how did they exactly get that way?

In our recent feature spotlighting the Leading Ladies of Pinterest, we started wondering just how did they get to top of the Pinterest ranks? Yes, most of them also have incredibly successful blogs as well, but that made us even more curious.

With jobs based on social media and what seems like our personalities becoming more and more integrated with our online profiles, we’re even more motivated to score some awesome followers and share our sick inspirations with the whole world. We decided to do some research and compile a quick guide on how to become an online “It” girl, specifically with a Pinterest angle.

We’re constantly looking for innovative and remarkable imagery to get our creative juices flowing, but how do you take it to the next level? We decided to ask our own Community Manager, Rachel Siegel, to shed some light on the subject.

Click through the slideshow above to check out these easy tips and see behind-the-scenes photos from our Pinterest feature shoot!

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Want to become a leading lady of Pinterest? Check out these 6 simple tips to get started!

Have a focus. Are you really into knitting? Exercise nut? Approach your page as if you're an expert informing your friends on one or two of your favorite subjects.

Work smarter, not harder. You can easily install the Pinterest toolbar on your browser. Why? 'Cause this way you can simply pin from whatever you're currently ogling online.

"Like" your way into a community. It's a simple way to stay low-profile but up your engagement.

Don't be shy! Uploading your own photos? Add a small description to your personal work–it'll also help with people re-pinning and giving you credit.

Sharing is caring. If you have a photo that belongs in more than one spot, go for it! Just be sure to measure your timing between posting.

Don't miss a connection! Be sure to link your Pinterest account to all of your other social media networks to share with your own online community of what you're doing.

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