The Inevitable Is Happening: Pinterest Is Launching Paid Advertising

Meghan Blalock

You know how one of the most fun things about Pinterest is getting lost in a seemingly endless supply of photos of stylish fashion girls looking impossibly chic as they walk around in their normal, everyday lives? Well, soon enough, those “normal, everyday” photos will be randomly broken up with photos that are not so normal; Pinterest is soon going to start having paid advertisements, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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How it will work: not unlike when Instagram integrated ads into your standard photo feed, Pinterest will start incorporating “promoted pins” that show up in the site’s standard photo shuffle and in specific searches. For example, you search “girls in booties,” and you’ll see what you would normally see, except that inserted every now and then will be ads from designers who make booties, like a Michael Kors or a Nine West.

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We can’t say we’re surprised; pretty much every social media site incorporates advertising at some point. The Pinterest team seems to be keeping largely mum on when exactly the ads will start popping up on the site, but we’re sure they’ll let the world know when it does happen. Keep your eyes peeled!

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