18 Pink Things to Shop for Spring

Christina Grasso
18 Pink Things to Shop for Spring
Photo: Net-A-Porter/Tuleste/Zara/Away/Stylecaster

Welp, another season has come and gone and here we are, still bombarded by the ubiquity of millennial pink. It’s everywhere across the interwebs: product packaging, Instagram feeds, and even Kendall Jenner’s godforsaken dining room wall. I, for one, am not complaining because I love it too, and must admit that if I lived in a building that allowed it, I’d probably be painting my damn walls millennial pink, also. (Not for the sake of appetite suppression á la Kenny, though, because I’m not about that life.)

Alas, I do not have the privilege of paintable walls, or even very much wall square footage to begin with, so I must keep my pink dreams elsewhere, like in my closet. Ahead, 18 of spring’s best pink things to buy, to wear, to carry, or just look at.

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