14,000 Shoppers Agree: This $14 Pineapple Slicer Takes The Pain Out of Chopping Your Favorite Fruit

14,000 Shoppers Agree: This $14 Pineapple Slicer Takes The Pain Out of Chopping Your Favorite Fruit
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon, Adobe. Image: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster.

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I tend to avoid many of my favorite things because of the work that it takes to get to them. You know what I mean, when summer hits I can spend $7 for a tiny plastic container of pre-cut fruit at the grocery store, or buy an entire fruit and spend way too long hacking at it in my tiny kitchen. I tend to forget that the world has evolved to meet the demands of the people, and when I came across this genius pineapple slicer on sale , I realized life doesn’t have to be so hard if I can find the right gadgets.

Now I just have to find a watermelon slicer that won’t turn all of my kitchen counters into a soppy wet mess. Shoppers, have you found one? I digress. Instead, let’s focus on this pineapple gadget that works wonders on my other favorite fruit.

It works by easily removing the core of the pineapple, which is that super-hard center layer that you’re supposed to avoid entirely when cutting or eating the fruit. All you really have to do is slice off the top green piece of the pineapple with a knife. Then, push this gadget down the center of the pineapple, twisting as you go down. The idea is to leave the core in the pineapple skin, and take out everything else with this tool. Once you’re in, pull up to completely and easily remove the rest of the pineapple. It will come out in one complete spiraled piece, so you’re left with beautiful pineapple rings you can snack on throughout the day or garnish your favorite cocktails with.

One shopper says it makes “short work of a pineapple.” They add, “there’s a spiral blade to allow you to twist your way through the fruit, and a removable handle to make it easier to clean and remove any core that might get lodged inside.”


pineapple slicer

Courtesy of Amazon.

More than 14,000 shoppers have given this clever device a perfect rating, and it’s garnered a near-perfect 4.7-stars . But whenever I shop for kitchen gadgets, they have to pass one huge test: will they fit in my teeny-tiny New York studio kitchen? In fact, it can. It’s tall and skinny and only takes up the amount of space a wine bottle would take up, which, you know, I always have room for. Now you never have to look up on YouTube “how to slice a pineapple” ever again.

This device takes the guesswork out of the entire experience. One shopper even called it “the best invention ever” and said she started buying pineapples again for the first time in years thanks to this kitchen hack.

You may have seen similar gadgets in the past that didn’t work as well as they should, but shoppers swear if you buy just one pineapple tool, this is it. “I am surprised at the feel of quality that it has,” wrote one shopper. “I am more than happy with the performance and the ease of operation.”

Another shopper wrote that you should avoid plastic tools altogether and go with this sturdy metal one. “This pineapple corer is the one you want to buy. This one has much heavier metal, much better welds, a handle that is sturdy enough to last and the heavier metal means a metal that can be sharpened to work better and last,” they wrote.

There you have it. Your quintessential summertime hack has been found before spring has even officially sprung.