Piers Morgan Defiantly Defends Kim Kardashian In Op-Ed

Emily Kanoff

This week shall henceforth be known as the week Kim Kardashian broke the internet. In fact, “#BreakTheInternet” probably deserves a title of its own—America’s Hashtag? The Hashtag To End All Hashtags? Time Magazine’s Banned Word of 2015?

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Either way, Kim succeeded in making waves across the stratosphere when her oiled-up buttocks appeared on the cover of Paper Magazine—and come to think of it, we wouldn’t be terribly surprised if the mag wins an award for its contribution to newsstand sales. While some celebrities threw shade and made humorous memes about the cover, Kanye West had only one thing to say about his wife:

And he’s not alone in his admiration for Kim Kardashian. It might surprise you that another celeb has Kim’s backside: Piers Morgan. The British newsman penned an op-ed for the Daily Mail praising her, and even going as far as to proclaim his fandom. “It’s time for me to make a shocking admission,” he wrote. “I like and admire Kim Kardashian-West.”

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He thinks she’s pretty (“I have studied her face close up and seen nothing to contradict this; Kim’s a natural beauty,”) and he says she’s charitable (“She also revealed she gives away 10% of her income to charity. That, as you can imagine, is a lot of money.”) He knows she’s powerful (“In a stunning illustration of her power, I ended the interview by asking her to look down the camera and order her Twitter followers to follow me. They did, over 60,000 of them in 20 minutes,”) and he admires her sweet personality (“She’s always exactly the same—friendly, chatty, and completely lacking in the searing insincerity and delusions of grandeur that so many stars with ‘real talent’ exude.”)

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But what does he hope to gain by this overt display of approval?

“She works ridiculously hard, is good to her fans, and is by all accounts a good, loving daughter, sister, wife and now mom herself,” he wrote. “She was also, lest we forget, pursued, wooed, and won by a genius who professes (and I believe him) to love Kim for her mind as much as her coveted body.”

“She’s 5ft 3in, has spectacular curves in all the wrong places if you’re a Size Zero catwalk star, and can’t sing, dance, act, paint or play the violin,” he points out. “Yet she survives and thrives because millions of young people around the world find her both real and someone they can relate to. They appreciate that she’s got a very smart eye for business, fashion, television and social media. And an even smarter eye for self-publicity and nurturing her brand.”

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Piers Morgan admires Kim Kardashian because she’s managed to stay interesting and relevant and top of mind for years. And now that he’s publicly admitted it, wouldn’t you know, we’re talking about him too! Oh, the power of Kim Kardashian.