Pieces of Melrose Place


The CW tends to churn out guilty pleasure shows at a rapid pace, (like that one season of One Tree Hill I watched, before I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore). However, the new Melrose Place ads seem to be growing in number, and are following me from subway platform to the sidebar of my computer, to giant billboards when I walk home. This could be because the show debuts on Sept. 8, or because Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (or her character, Violet Foster) is stalking me.

Okay, not really, but look into her eyes. Far are the days when she played wide-eyed Simon Camden’s girlfriend on 7th Heaven (remember when they gave each other hickeys? Or was that Deena?), and now she’s all long-legged, staring at me from some sketchtastic West Hollywood grotto amidst a smattering of actors I don’t recognize. They’re also all insanely Photoshopped in classic CW fashion…no one’s skin glows that much, I don’t care how much illicit L.A. sex you’re having. Also…the tagline is “Tuesdays are a bitch.” Um, huh?

Not saying I hate… I just don’t L-o-L-o-Lo-V-E.


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