A Picture Guide To Your Man’s Valentine’s Day Gift Shopping

Jessica Rubin

Are you a flowers and chocolate kind of girl? Or do you crave jewelry? And how do you drop hints about what kind of gift you want? Valentine’s Day comes with all kinds of stresses and trust us, your guy is just as worried as you are. They over-think the gifts they buy and what message their present sends.

But the good folks over at Boticca are working hard to clear the foggy mystery of how guys approach Valentine’s Day. They’ve created an adorable infographic to break down the trends of their male shoppers. Scroll on down to find out what men are buying and head over to Fashion Accessories for some sweet, fashionable treats that you can gift … or just keep for yourself.

ValentinesDay Infographic Boticca Feb12 A Picture Guide To Your Mans Valentines Day Gift Shopping