Pickup Lines That Actually Work!

Carly Spindel

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Approaching a man or woman takes a lot of courage. If you are outgoing and confident, you most likely wont have to use a silly line just to talk to someone. You can simply be yourself and you will be successful. But for some talking to the opposite sex may result in some odd I-can’t-believe-this-is-coming-out-of-mouth behavior. So, they resort to pick up lines. They feel the need to use a formulaic lame line to get someones attention.

Im not a fan of pickup lines, but Im all about creativity. If a good-looking man comes up to me and says something creative and hilarious, Ill speak to him for a few minutes. Afterwards, Ill make fun of him (to his face of course) but Ill congratulate him on being able to make a fool of himself. However, pickup lines dont always work. A bad pickup line can actually result in harsh rejection. How scary would it be to approach someone and be rejected? So, read these pickup lines and decide for yourself which ones you would use. Obviously, the simple approach is my favorite.

Simple Works Best
I believe in simplicity. I think dating should be straightforward, so approaching a man or women should be as well. Simple pickup lines are direct and to the point. You can approach a man or woman and say Can I buy you a drink? or Hello, my name is and you should have a good reaction. Besides, conversation starters are always better than pick up lines. They are safe and wont make someone run in the other direction.

Save The Sex For Your Bedroom
Sexual pickup lines are very risky because they only work on a person who is looking for a good time. If you go out hoping to meet someone just for the night, sexual pickup lines are perfect for you. If you use these lines as your method of conversation Can I please be your sex slave tonight? or Help the homeless and take me home with you, you might get lucky and have a little bathroom rendezvous in the bar. But, if your one-night stand radar is off, you’ll just be setting yourself to get slapped. So, if you are looking for a meaningful relationship, stick to the simple conversation starters.

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Everyone Loves A Little Romance
Everyone loves to be romanced, even men. They may not admit it, but being romanced makes people feel special. If you use a romantic pickup line on someone, you are sure to see them smile. Yes, romantic pickup lines are usually more appropriate for women, but Ive used a few on men and theyve admitted that they enjoyed it. If you speak to someone and say I get lost in your smile or Do you like long walks on the beach? you can see what type of person they are. A woman can at least appreciate that it was nicer than the one-night stand line (see above) and a man will either laugh or think youre a nutcase. Either way, it shows you a little insight into someones personality.

Corny Can Be Entertaining Too
I personally hate corny pickup lines. They sound very fake to me. If you go up to someone and say, If you were a hamburger at McDonald’s, you would be named McGorgeous or I would buy you a drink but I would be jealous of the glass, you surely wont be slapped across the face, but you might get the “turn around and ignore” treatment. I would never use a corny pickup line because theyre so unoriginal.

Funny Is Always Safe
Approaching a man or woman with a funny pickup line is always a good option. If you use an opener such as Dont worry, I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you or Am I cute enough yet? Or should I buy you another drink?, people will laugh. Everyone loves a funny person. If a man came up to me with a funny pickup line, I definitely wouldnt run away from him.

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Dont Be A Creeper
Some people still dont get it. Instead of approaching a man or a woman and saying something nice and normal, some people resort to creepy pickup lines. If you attempt to talk to someone using a line such as Improve your image stand next to me! or Hi, I’m a photographer. Would you like to be a model in my next photo shoot?, the person might run away. At least thats what I would do. I would never give someone the time of day who used a creepy pickup line. Being crude or inappropriate can be very ineffective and will most likely result in rejection.

Now that youre aware of a few good and really bad pickup lines, stay away from the bad ones! Most people like it when you approach them by saying something nice. Stick to the conversation starters and you wont be rejected.

What do you think of these dating tips? True or not? Let us know in the comments below!

Carly Spindel is a writer and hopeless romantic. She is a world traveler who has lived in Paris and London. She resides in New York and is always on the go. She can usually be found at her favorite caf enjoying chocolate mousse while people watching, which is one of her favorite hobbies. Carly spends the rest of her time focusing on her five dearest past times: traveling, learning about different cultures, shopping, reading, and of course looking for Mr. Right.

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