My Picks: Who Should Really Win At The Emmy Awards

Spencer Cain

Chances are, you’ve seen the list of the Emmy Awards nominations by now, which were officially announced this morning. Thus, you are aware that Mad Men and American Horror Story were both nominated for 17 awards. Frankly, we can’t even think of 17 things to honor, but more power to them.

Instead of boring you with yet another regurgitated list of the nominees, I’ve decided to provide you with my picks for the major categories. What makes Spencer Cain a television expert, you may be wondering! Well, here are my credentials: I watch everything. Everything. From the low-brow to the high-brow, television is basically my life. I can follow up Mrs. Eastwood & Company with a hard hitting episode of Our America with Lisa Ling that focuses on drug abuse on Indian reservations.

That said, I know it all. So click through the gallery above for my picks on who should really be walking away with an Emmy statuette on September 23.