What Happens When You Ask 3 Psychics to Predict Your Future?

What Happens When You Ask 3 Psychics to Predict Your Future?
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I was 19 the first time I saw a psychic. While home visiting my family on a college break in Asheville, North Carolina, I sat down on a street corner and listened as a lady with pretty green eyes examined my palms. I was uncertain then, and hesitant to believe her—or psychic readings at all. But at the end of our session, she recommended I purchase a rose quartz to put in the furthest right corner of my home, promising it would bring me good fortune and company. I quickly forgot about her sentiment, but three weeks later, after the unfortunate passing of my friend’s mother, I was digging through her closet and I stumbled upon a rose quartz. I still have it to this day.

Five years later, a medium told me my great-grandmother was my guardian angel, following me around everywhere. I believed him—due to the startling, accurate and private facts he knew about her that have never been public knowledge.

A little over a year ago, per the recommendation of a colleague, I found myself on the line with a psychic who only takes clients via word of mouth. With conviction, she told me I’d be quitting my job soon and I’d travel incessantly. At the time, I brushed it off, since I had no intention of leaving New York or my job. A mere four months later, I put in my notice and I’ve been nomad-ing it up ever since—19 countries and counting.

While everyone has various beliefs about astrology, psychics, the universe, voodoo, crystals and the whole shebang, I prescribe to the notion that anything that raises your spirits is a good thing. I’ve found that when I speak to psychics, I feel reassured about my choices and unearth a renewed sense of optimism toward my current state of being. Though there are plenty of things psychics have gotten wrong over the years, they’ve also enough of my life that I can’t help but feel intrigued. I wondered what might happen if I pitted three forms of future prediction against each other—all at once. Would their psychic readings be consistent?

The Tarot Reader:

My first reading was with a tarot expert, who used her understanding of this infamous deck of cards to examine what was in store for me. She started by drawing the three of wands, which illustrates I have a strong character, I don’t experience too many hardships and I’m able to power toward long-term goals and meet them. From here, she predicted I’d be traveling, but not overseas, and it would be related to work. Overall, I’d enjoy any trip, since she pulled the Judgement card, signaling things would work in my favor.

In late October and early November, she sees the beginning of a relationship, thanks to the King of Wands card. According to her, this man would be inspiring, charismatic, passionate, dashing, magnetic and friendly. Then, she pulled the Queen of Wands, which represents me, making for a match made in tarot heaven. Apparently he’d be somebody I know and we’d be introduced through a mutual friend—likely a connection from work. Then, she pulled the Hanged Man, or as she put it, ‘a wonderful card’ that hints I might have a sixth sense myself and an advanced awareness. She recommended I take the time to meditate and connect with that spirituality.

Our 30-minute conversation continued, also revealing prosperous financial opportunities, a deeper connection with one very loyal friend and further development of the relationship she saw at the start of the read.

The Psychic:

My next reading was with a psychic, who asked me to get a bit more specific about my next six months, instead of inviting me to pose a single, open-ended question. Since I felt like most parts of my life—save dating—are running smoothly, I asked her to focus on my love life. After a brief pause, she said I have an old relationship lingering, and I needed to let go of it to make room for a new person who is about to arrive in my life. She said I would meet him within the next few months, either online or at an outdoor event. Her vision for him was quite clear: He’d be taller than me, skinny but not scrawny, a little facial hair, casual dresser, around my same age and living in the middle of the country. His profession could be an attorney or something in business—and while he’d have student debt, he’d be financially secure.

Looking forward, she shared we’d have children one day and that overall, we’d have an easy marriage. In fact, she said she sees this family forming in the next three to five years—tops. Bringing it back to the present, she urged me to trust my gut and know I’ll always make the right choices, that my career will be stable, I won’t have to worry about money and that I’ll end up in a physical location that makes me feel comfortable, with all four seasons.

The Medium:

The last fortune-teller I chatted with was a medium, who connects to what he called ‘spirit guides.’ He introduced me to Rebecca, who is my connector to the other realm. He recommended against continuing a relationship I was already in, but told me I’d end up meeting someone shortly who was much more my type. If I didn’t let the old flame go, though, I might miss out on him. To meet this so-called love of my life, it would be in my best interest to move to the West Coast and seek a person who has the letter ‘C’ in his first, middle, last or nickname. When we’d finally get hitched? We’d have twins—a boy and a girl.

Our reading was shorter than the others—and the info wasn’t as thorough.

The Following 6 Months (aka the Verdict):

I had these readings in early August, when I was traveling through the beaches of Mexico. From there, I stopped by Jamaica before traveling to New York City for my 30th birthday. I’ll soon be on my way to South Africa, where I’ll spend a month touring around the country before visiting London, the Big Apple again, Boston and finally, back home to rest until the New Year. I will be attending a wedding and traveling with friends, making the prediction of meeting someone a sensible idea. I’m 100 percent single, and though there hasn’t been a significant relationship as of late, there was a fling that went sour a few months ago that I’m still nursing my wounds over.

But hey, check back with me in January to see if I’m in a relationship—or still getting lost somewhere in this beautiful world.


Originally published on Horoscope.com.