Phubbing Is a Relationship Trend That May Make You Want to Die Alone

Phubbing Is a Relationship Trend That May Make You Want to Die Alone
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What’s the only thing more annoying than having a partner who constantly checks their phone instead of paying attention to your conversation? The term for this particular situation, which is phubbing.

Get it? It’s a portmanteau of phone and snubbing, which I guess makes sense, but honestly I’d probs break up with someone faster for using the word phubbing than for checking their Facebook while listening to me tell a long-winded story about something probably food-related.

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Verbiage aside, it looks like phubbing is actually taking a big toll on some relationships. Apparently, 46 percent of people in a study by researchers Baylor University reported that they experienced phubbing (though I’m honestly surprised that number wasn’t higher), and 22 percent reported that they fought with their partners as a result of phubbing.

Considering the fact that the average American looks at their phone 150 times a day (about once every four to six minutes), it’s no surprise that checking out our digital lives can result in ignoring a person who’s in front of us IRL.

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So, what’s the solution? The study authors recommend that couples take one phone-free hour a day to really connect. Sounds simple enough! The key is putting the phone in another room or on silent so you aren’t tempted.

And one other trick: When you bring up the phone-free hour to your partner, whatever you do, don’t use the word phubbing or you might find yourself in an even worse spot than before.