Whoa: This Shocking Video Shows How Much Models Are REALLY Photoshopped

We all know that the advertisements and editorials shown in glossy magazines and on billboards are usually heavily edited, but do you now just how much this editing can totally transform a picture? We’ll give you a hint: Lots.

While we continue to cry out for a more diverse, real representation of women in advertising, brands continue to sweep their Photoshop tools to brush away blemishes, tired eyes, dull skin, cellulite, curves, and any slight evidence of imperfection.

This new video series by retoucher Elizabeth Moss highlights just how powerful a tool Photoshop really can be. She fast-forwarded hours of retouching into quick, 90-second clips showing the crazy attention-to-detail paid in the pursuit of a perfect picture.

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Moss shows how digital editing can do everything from widen eyes to pump-up lips and completely remove pimples and skin flaws. Aside from being a little bit disturbing, the process of digitally editing a model’s face is completely transfixing. Here, watch a few of the videos for yourself below.