Photoshop Disasters: Where’d Your Leg Go Girl?

Photoshop Disasters: Where’d Your Leg Go Girl?
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Oh the wonders of photoshop! A tuck here, a nip there when used correctly, it can really be a magical, little tool. But disaster can strike when it’s placed in the wrong hands. We’ve all seen the scary ads and editorials where the model’s face is airbrushed to the point of non-existence. And while those are pretty bad mistakes, I’d argue that the retoucher probably just got a little photoshop happy.

Anyone who has used photoshop before knows how easy it can be to get carried away admit it, photoshop is fun. But what I’m talking about are those really obvious disasters that leave you wondering how the retoucher could still possibly have a job. A missing limb, reflection or misplaced body part Really? Click through to see if you can spot the blunders in the photos above.

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Amy Adams looked as beautiful as always in InStyle's February 2011 issue, despite the fact that she's missing a limb. Amy, I just want to know how you're working all those award show red carpets without a leg? Fighter indeed!

What happened to poor Hailey Clauson's leg in this ad for Gucci's spring campaign? If you're going to photoshop someone's leg to look skinnier, wouldn't you at least make sure both legs looked the same? Truly puzzling...

How is it possible that noone at Burberry noticed that Emma Watson is missing half a leg?

Dear GQ, if you're going to photoshop Kate Winslet to look like a waif, then the least you can do is make sure you do the same with her reflection.

It looks like someone went a little crazy with the carving tool, because I'm pretty sure Abbey Lee's armpit isn't concave.

Where's your arm girl?

This Glee editorial for GQ saw enough controversy as it is, but here's one more to add to the list. Check out how Lea Michele's foot disappears into Dianna Agron's thigh.

There are so many things wrong with this Shiseido ad. The rock seems to be growing a leg, and the scariest part is that the leg is bigger than the model's entire body. Scary...

I know Beyonce's talented, but who knew she had the ability to have her hand behind her and in front of her at the same time? You got skills girl!

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