A Photographer’s Diary: Day 6 of New York Fashion Week

Spencer Wohlrab
A Photographer’s Diary: Day 6 of New York Fashion Week
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At this point I have almost stopped going to shows. There isn’t much left and I have grown tired of sitting around waiting for them to start. However, there is no end to the amount of after parties. I popped my head into the Betsey Johnson party at Sweet & Viscous just long enough to have a margarita, ignored the Rebecca Minkoff party, because I am sick of $18 drinks at the Gramercy Hotel, then had a much needed nap before heading to Milk for a concert in their basement.

Ashley Smith‘s band, Chocolate Bunny, was scheduled to play, but failed to make an appearance, soNicole Trunfio filled in to open for The Pierces and Teddy Bears. I think the thing I like the most about shows at Milk Studios is the fact that everyone is happy and having a good time – so long as there are plenty of models – and with their constant flow of alcohol, there is enough incentive to keep the party going even on a school night.

Check out the photos above to see what people like Sky Ferreira and Chanel Iman do on a Monday in New York City.

Photos by Spencer Wohlrab

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I can picture myself on a date with a girl who is wearing this. The date is going great, and we have a promising future together until I accidentally set her on fire with my cigaretteĀ–just my luck.

Front row Suzanne Rae show

Ryan Bailey lending Chad Moore a hand.

If you see this girl, tell her I am thinking about her

And the award for best hair goes to...

Nicole Trunfio stopped by to play us a quick ditty

Chantal: "You take the worst photos of me! I have never seen one good photo!"

Me: "That one time I took some really nice photos of you..."

Chantal: "No! Those sucked too!"

Killed it

Everynight I end up with 400 pictures of Brandee Brown. She is either my muse, or my obsession

Will you marry me?

Harry Bee blowing out candles for his birthday

The Pierces

Chanel Iman and Mazdack Rassi

Catherine Pierce of The Pierces

The Teddy Bears

One of The Teddy Bears enjoying Kanon Vodka

Sky Ferreira

Brandee Brown dripping sweat

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