A Photographer’s Diary: Day 4 of New York Fashion Week

Spencer Wohlrab
A Photographer’s Diary: Day 4 of New York Fashion Week
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Here is my down and dirty analysis run on the shows and presentations from day 4:

Band of Outsiders: Tilda Kott Lindstam walked, therefore, it had something the other shows didn’t. Obviously, I took a photo of her eating pizza (see Chad Moore).

Joseph Altuzarra: If you try to kick me out of your show, don’t expect me to say anything nice about it.

Erin Fetherston: What a babe, and she was obviously into me, because I have more photos of her looking at my camera than looking away.

Pamela Love: Thanks for the T-shirt. Now I won’t have to wear the same dirty tee again.

Duro: I have always hated this show and could never spend more than 5 minutes in the presentation, but this year the girls had a lot of spunk and charisma. The clothes won’t be relevant until I am a rich, 50-year-old woman.

Graeme Armour: I had a horrible spot, and my photos ended up looking like crap. Oh, and every third model had a hat on.

Faster by Mark Fast: As you know, Pumps, a joint out in Brooklyn where you won’t see Carine Roitfeld hanging out there anytime soon, is my alma mater, so I was initially attracted to this collection. The presentation was tastefully dedicated to Miami in the 80s. But, if I ever saw a girl on the streets of New York rock one of these outfits, I would definitely assume she was a hooker.

Alexander Wang after-party: The disappointment of the Wang party can be compared to the bland disappointment of hooking up with a model, and then realizing that it’s the same as just kissing anyone else, but took a lot more effort. The awkward fraternity theme did not live up to my expectations, however, there were keg stands, hot dogs, porn, beer pong, forties and bath tubs full of tall boys. I still think fake boobs, Jgermeister shots andjocks making fun of you because you are differentwould have really made this party stand out. Or maybe there was a reason I never belonged to a fraternity…

Well, at least I got the new issue of Love.

To check out all of yesterday’s run-ins with models and fashion industry insiders alike, browse through the snaps in the slideshow above!

Photos by Spencer Wohlrab

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Erin Fetherston posing with her girls

Vitacoco and M&M pick-me-up

Daphne Groeneveld backstage at Altuzarra


Kristina Salinovic getting her nails did

This is this first salad I have seen. Contrary to popular beleif, models have the worst diets I have ever seen. #Cookies

Tilda Kott Lindstam eating a pizza backstage at Band of Outsiders

The models at Pamela Love were poised, flirty and willing to give smiles for even the worst photographers

Faster by Mark Fast was one of the more interesting shows I have seen this year

Gratuitous ceiling shot at Faster by Mark Fast

Faster by Mark Fast

The colors at Faster by Mark Fast worked well together and said a lot

Carine Roitfeld and friend check out the Faster by Mark Fast show

Playful models at Duro

Graeme Armour in the penthouse of Milk Studios

Graeme Armour in the penthouse of Milk Studios

Blow-up dolls and kegs were plentiful at Alexander Wang after-party

Model blogger Sasha Owen and my archnemesis Jon Larsen sharing an intimate moment

Two beautiful girls destroying a ten thousand dollar ping pong table

The stunning Katie Shillingford and her friend killing some burgers and Buds at Alexander Wang after-party

Nikolay Saveliev and Katie Gallagher

Chad Wilson was that guy

Jenne Lombardo double-fistingĀ 

I really didn't think there was going to be enough

Karlie KlossĀ 

"Don't tell anyone, but I think Spencer is really cute"-Hot girl #2

Jon Larsen and sponsor, Love magazine

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