Photographer Bruce Weber’s Charming Video With Dree Hemingway

Kerry Pieri

The word legend gets tossed around a lot in the ephemeral world of fashion, but photographer Bruce Weber deserves the elevated moniker. His new video, Barefooting Around the World, a collaboration with luxury furniture maker DEDON, is all sea and sand and playful questions, like “What makes you start each day with your head held high? For most people it’s an adventure that distracts you from your schoolbooks.”

Collaborators in the nostalgic trip to Montauk, Long Island include models Elaine Irwin and Dree Hemingway, with music by Chet Baker, arranger John Leftwich and intricate set design like a home on the waves, constructed by set designer Stefan Beckman. Take a cool trip back to the beach in the first few minutes of the film below, courtesy of Nowness.

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