Photo Leakage: Rihanna For Armani

Liz Doupnik

Oh Rihanna, we love you so. With her albums on constant replay in the office, our workout playlists, and definitely blasting from the speakers at some of our favorite weekend parties, the luscious songstress is everywhere — and we like it.

155589 1326812278 Photo Leakage: Rihanna For Armani

Needless to say, when we caught wind that Rihanna’s new Armani campaign photos leaked, we were on that baby like white on rice. Sure, the photos are minimal, but we’re digging the casual sexiness of them. Her makeup is so sultry, we can’t even and we’re obsessed with her hand tat. We want to see more photos of the clothes though don’t you?

Photos via Perez Hilton.

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