Photo Diary: How We Spent Our Thanksgiving

Summer K
Photo Diary: How We Spent Our Thanksgiving
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Fact: Your friendly neighborhood writers and editors at StyleCaster are always working, even when we’re not supposed to be. This tends to annoy our friends, family and loved ones to no end, but hey, it sort of comes with the job.

So when Fearless Leader (a.k.a.Mr. Ari G.) asked us to document our Turkey Day while he was away in London on business, we said sure — as long as we didn’t have to do any annoying family photo ops, wear ugly holiday sweaters or hide the fact that most of us prefer our family bonding with a glass of wine or a shot of tequila in hand.

Feel free to cruise our photo diary for all the highlights. While not everyone got their pics in on time, we’re fairly certain it was due to lack of wifi from the tents outside of Best Buy.

Happy Holidays!

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Rachel Adler - "In between stuffing our faces, my mom tried to get my sister and I to help clean out our rooms (we've long abandoned things there). She also mentioned a box of bags sent from my grandma, and we went a little crazy dividing up the treasure but it was worth it!"

Jessica Rubin - "My dad found a fellow red-haired parner in crime and spent most of the night being entertained by my baby cousin Hudson."

Corey Kindberg - "This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for these two little nuggets."

Summer Krecke - "I played Thanksgiving orphan with my boyfriend and spent the evening in the city. This is absolutely the first and last time you ever get to see the holiday lights or store windows before the tourists and out-of-towners descend on New York."

Susie G - "Frangelico - it's what's for dessert."

Amanda Elser - "I moved to New York City about two days after this little babe was born,  so when I go home I love nothing more than the chance to play with my little nephews. Also, note the turkey leg headband...this season's hottest trend!"

Spencer Cain - "The dessert table's getting ready. Let's just say my mother's not thrilled that tequila shots are being distributed, but hey -- it's a holiday!"

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