Get Excited: Phillip Lim x Target Images Are Starting To Emerge!

Perrie Samotin
 Get Excited: Phillip Lim x Target Images Are Starting To Emerge!

Photo via T Magazine

We can only imagine the Dionysian levels of madness that’ll occur once the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target collaboration is unleashed unto the masses on September 15, although we haven’t really seen any legit imagery from the collection yet—until now.

T Magazine ran an article today about the partnership, and also posted an image of four items from the range: a men’s button-down shirt with what appears to be camo sleeves ($29.99), a draped navy dress with glittery embellishments along one strap ($74.99), sleek white men’s high-top sneakers ($44.99) and what we’re going to deem the pièce de résistance: a mini Pashli satchel lookalike in black for $34.99.

Earlier this week, Fashion Foie Gras snapped an Instagram photo of an ad for Phillip Lim x Target, prompting a mini internet flurry of “first look!” and “It’s here!” headlines (we’re guilty!) In the ad, a model wears a very Lim-like modern floral dress, and carries the mini satchel, while a dude whose back is turned (even though the line is unisex, we all know it’s really about the ladies) showcases what looks like a blazer and a backback.

We’re getting increasingly excited with each new image, and we’ll be posting every item from the collection’s lookbook once it’s released, so stay tuned!