Pharrell Williams and Moncler to Collaborate


Pharrell Williams is no stranger to fashion; he’s a co-founder of the lines Ice Cream Clothing and Billionaire Boys Club. After a run-in last year with Moncler’s chairman and creative director, Remo Ruffini, the two began collaborating on a slew of all-black jackets.

Each jacket is fashioned from Bionic textiles, a company Pharrell controls that creates fabric from recycled plastic bottles. Even more unique than the materials used are the jackets’ linings, which feature images by Japanese artist Keita Sugiura.

“Pharrell represents a visionary and contemporary eclecticism,” said Ruffini, “As well as a multifaceted way of interpreting creativity from different standpoints, ranging from music to applied arts and clothing.”

Price and distribution are still being discussed.