Pharrell Makes A 24-Hour Music Video (And We Can’t Stop Watching)

Julie Gerstein

pharrell happy Pharrell Makes A 24 Hour Music Video (And We Cant Stop Watching)

Pharrell is having quite a year: The man appears on arguably the two best songs of 2013 (Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines“), he got married to longtime girlfriend Helen Lasichanh, and to top it all off, he just released a crazy new 24-hour video for his song “Happy,” which originally appeared on the “Despicable Me” soundtrack.

We’ll say it again: A 24-hour music video. The clip, released in four-hour increments, is meant to document a day in the life of Pharrell (though we sincerely doubt that he spends that much time hanging out at random gas station mini-marts in LaBrea or whatever). The video can be viewed as a straight 24-hour clip, or as an interactive experience, on Pharrell’s website 24HoursofHappy, where viewers can adjust the time of day they’re viewing and whether or not they’re watching a segment with Pharrell in it. Total. Genius.

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Tons of Pharrell’s famous friends make cameos—Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell, Jimmy Kimmel, and Odd Future, to name few. Our favorite moment comes around hour 16 and a half; it’s a seemingly improvised and unplanned segment featuring Pharrell lip-syncing and dancing at L.A.’s metro rail station, while confused commuters walk around him.

He isn’t the first to make an exceedingly long film. Andy Warhol actually did it in 1967, making the 25-hour long film “Four Stars,” with zero edits.

The song is good—really, really, good—but we imagine even Pharrell got sick of hearing it after a while, right?

Here’s part one, to get you started: