27 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

Kristen Bousquet
Petite Fashion Bloggers

If you’re 5’4 or under, then you know the struggle is real sometimes when it comes to fashion: You’re more than likely all-too familiar with the unique fashion challenges that come with being petite. Take, for example, this scenario: You’re trying on an endless selection of clothes you’re truly excited about, but then you look at the mirror in the dressing room, and you suddently feel like a kid playing dress up in your mom’s closet. It’s frustrating, and it can truly suck the fun out of shopping—but luckily there’s a growing crop of petite fashion bloggers who specialize in showcasing amazing outfits that suit smaller frames.

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Apart from killer outfit inspo, our favorite petite fashion bloggers also offer lots of useful fashion tips and tricks that include how to lengthen legs, why high-waisted skirts are a short girl’s BFF, and how to pick types of footwear that can help elongate your frame.

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We’ve gathered 27 fashion bloggers who are total experts in petite fashion.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2014.

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