Peter Brant Rents O.J. Simpson’s Infamous White Bronco For Art Opening

Spencer Cain


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that headline correctly. For this past weekend’s opening party of famed artist Nate Lowman’s show I wanted to be an artist but all I got was this lousy career, host Peter Brant rented a rather interesting prop: the White Ford Bronco that transported disgraced NFL player O.J. Simpson in the most infamous car chase of all time during the murder trial of the century.
The swanky shindig, hosted at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Connecticut, drew quite a crowd including Terry Richardson, Stephanie Seymour, Scott Campbell, Max Levai, Eli Broad, and Harry Brant. Notably absent was Harry’s brother, Peter Brant II, who is probably locked in a fortress somewhere being shamed for his anti-Obama comments.
At first, we were a little bit shocked that Brant would commission such a prop to be used, but given Lowman’s themes of the downside of celebrity and tabloid notoriety, it seems strangely appropriate. Additionally, Lowman has used a topless picture of Nicole Brown Simpson, so the trial clearly has some kind of artistic value for him.
We’re not sure how much Brant had to shell out for a cameo appearance from the Bronco, but after the car became famous, a collector named Michael Pulwer snagged it for $75,000 in 1977. It’s not clear if Pulwer still owns the car.
What do you think of this? Is it artistic or in poor taste?