We’re Proud Pete Davidson Is Taking a Break From Kaia Gerber to Seek Mental Health Treatment

Pete Davidson & Kaia Gerber

You know how the saying goes: Before loving someone else, you need to learn to love yourself. It’s definitely something to keep in mind when we think about Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber’s breakup reason. Pete, 26, felt it was time to prioritize his mental health again in the new year by checking himself into a rehabilitation program. It’s a hard step to take, but one that certainly deserves support. What it means for his relationship with 18-year-old model girlfriend Kaia, however, is a different story. The pair are officially on a break as the comedian enters his journey of mental wellness.

Right before the new year, the Saturday Night Live star announced on-air that he was “going on ‘vacation’ but insurance pays for some of it, and they take your phone and shoelaces.” Fans immediately understood this to mean what’s already transpired: Pete was checking into rehab again. It’s not the first time Pete has sought out serious professional help for his battles with mental illness, making this the second stay for the star.

“It became very clear that he had to go and do this and couldn’t wait any longer,” said an E! News source. “This is his second time seeking treatment, his first being in 2016.”

As far as how his recent relationship with Kaia will fare, it still seems too early to tell. Things appeared to be in the early stages for these two, with PDA and Kaia’s “P” necklace marking their sudden, cutesy romance. A second source with E! News explains that Pete is in “a program” that makes it difficult for Kaia to communicate with him. They “haven’t had a lot of contact,” adds the source.

And turns out, Kaia might be having her doubts now that she’s seen Pete’s struggles in full bloom. The same source explains how Kaia “doesn’t know if she wants to continue in their relationship,” after realizing she “wasn’t comfortable with what she saw and doesn’t know if she can handle it.”

“What she saw happen with Pete was very concerning and scary for her… She cares about Pete and wants him to get better,” the insider adds. “But their future is very much up in the air.”As for Pete, another source says he “understands” Kaia’s feelings, and ultimately “knows he needs to focus on his mental health.” It’s a hard decision to make, but we’re here for it.