Pete Davidson Thinks ‘A Lot Of Women In Entertainment Use Gay Men As Props’ & Twitter Has Many Thoughts

Pete Davidson
Photo: Mathieu Bitton/REX/Shutterstock.

While we’re not sure it’s about to “Break the Internet” per se, the 26-year-old “BDE” comedian’s latest interview for PAPER Mag’s popular series is turning some heads today. Apparently, Pete Davidson’s “gay men as props” comments have set readers ablaze—either because they’ve been taken out of context, or simply for the fact that many are thinking: Pete Davidson, who? I didn’t say it, Twitter did! We’re gonna let that tea cool first before we dive in, ok? It’s about to get messy.

If only PAPER stopped at their cutesy, Lisa Frank-designed BTS cover story, then we wouldn’t be saddled with all of this Pete drama today. Clearly, the comedian—who received death threats and crazy reactions aplenty after his breakup with Ariana Grande—still remains public enemy No. 1 on Twitter. One comment from today’s interview is making the rounds in particular, and it has to do with Davidson’s feelings about gay men and women entertainers (possible shade to Ariana, or nah?)

There’s one important factor to note before diving into Pete’s incendiary comments, though. This interview wasn’t conducted by a journalist, per se. Tommy Dorfman, known for their role in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, led the artistic direction, photography, and editorial voice of this piece. Oh, and they just so happen to be friends with Pete. So there’s that.

Turns out, a lot of Pete’s comments were brought up by Tommy in the first place. “You’re an ally to people,” said Tommy, who identifies as queer and nonbinary. They set up a distinction between someone like Pete, who genuinely appears to show up for his “gay friends,” and other stars who “use gay people.” It makes sense to see Pete’s response in this context, then. “I really feel like I have to be careful when I’m saying this,” he said in agreement, “but I do feel like a lot of women in entertainment use gay men as props.”

Tommy could relate. “I’ve been that for them,” they said, “I feel like I’ve been that for a pop star’s entertainment.” Pete’s response? “Right! If you really listen to any of the songs that they’re doing, or any of the things that they’re doing, it’s to promote them[selves],” he said. “It’s rarely for the LGBT community. It’s to make them look good. Like, how cool they are that they’re hanging out with gay people.”

While Pete’s comments appear to be in solidarity with Tommy’s perspective, many on Twitter were confused as to why Pete—a straight (until confirmed otherwise?) cisgendered man—had an opinion on women entertainers in the first place. Here are some of the hottest Twitter takes on Pete’s comments: