Pete Davidson Changed His Ariana Grande Tattoo to ‘Cursed’ & Fans Think It’s Shade

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson
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Pete Davidson has many tattoos but his most recent ink is creating quite the buzz. Pete Davidson covered his Ariana Grande tattoo, and it has fans wondering if it’s the ultimate shade. Davidson and Grande were engaged after five months of dating but called off the engagement in October, 2018. Since then, there has been quite a bit of drama between the two young artists and they’ve slowly been covering up the 12 couple tattoos they have together.

We will say, as difficult as the break up must’ve been for them, it’s been a great example of how pain and heartbreak can be turned into something truly magical. Grande’s album, Thank U, Next, which was released on Friday February 8, is some of the best music the singer has ever dropped. We mean, we’ve been playing the title song nonstop. And the Saturday Night Live comedian has had also some great material to work with.

But this latest update from the couple comes as quite a shock. Davidson has covered up his former tattoo for the 25-year-old pop star with the word “Cursed.” Uh, what? Is that the ultimate insult to Grande? Does Davidson think he’s “cursed” because of her? Or could this be referencing his struggles with mental health. The new tattoo, which is in all caps and has red ink in the back, is covering what used to say, “Mille Tendress.” The tattoo matched one of Grande’s and is French for “a million tendernesses.”

Perhaps, contrary to it’s classic meaning, it’s an uplifting message. Maybe Davidson thinks “cursed” is a good thing—it allows him to recognize his struggle and move past it. After all, it’s on the back of his neck— behind him—not in front. He’ll never see this tattoo himself, right? Then again, it’s kind of hard to ignore the elephant in the room: “cursed” is almost always a bad thing. Awkward! We’re hoping Grande doesn’t take it too personally.

Here’s a shot that tattoo artist Jon Mesa posted yesterday of the Tootsie Roll Pop owl he did for Davidson. Davidson’s “Cursed” tattoo can be seen on his neck.

First of all—ouch, that looks like it hurt! But second of all … why? Some tattoos have a clear meaning. We’re not quite sure what the lollipop owl means.( “Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”) Maybe Davidson identifies with the boy in this 1992 commercial.

Or, could the lollipop tattoo be a call to when Davidson and Grande were spotted licking the candy they walked around Los Angeles.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

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Prior to this tattoo, the rest of Davidson’s cover-ups have been fairly mild—like the little black hearts Davidson used to cover up the set of bunny ears along his hairline, which resembled Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” look. But this tattoo is … well, not the nicest.

Here’s a shot of the original:

The “cursed” tattoo is quite literally the opposite of that. (Can’t you hear Chris from Parks and Recreation saying, “LITERALLY.”

parks and rec literally Pete Davidson Changed His Ariana Grande Tattoo to Cursed & Fans Think Its Shade

Parks & Rec.

The tattoo seems pretty intentional to fans. And Twitter is coming after Davidson. One Twitter user was pretty savage and took down both Pete Davidson and Adam Levine in one tweet: “Between Adam Levine performing at the Super Bowl and Pete Davidson dating Kate Beckinsale this has been a huge week for gangly white men with the worst tattoos on earth.”

Another Twitter user called out the comedian for a tattoo she can’t believe exists. “ya know sometimes i think about the fact that Pete Davidson has a tattoo that says ‘jokes come and go but swag is forever’  and can’t believe it”

Davidson definitely has a unique taste when it comes to tattoo choices. We do miss this couple together. They were pretty stinkin’ cute! Here they are at the MTV Music Video Awards on August 20, 2018. Aw, what a throwback!

ariana grande pete davidson together Pete Davidson Changed His Ariana Grande Tattoo to Cursed & Fans Think Its Shade

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But now it looks like Davidson is moving on and Grande couldn’t be happier for him. Davidson is rumored to be dating Kate Beckinsale, and Grande was caught calling, “so cute!!” Wow, she’s very mature, and is following her own advice: “thank u, next!”

Twitter is already on the look-out for couple tattoos from Davidson and Beckinsale…

One Twitter fan posted, “can’t wait to see all of pete davidson’s kate beckinsale tattoos ”

Neither can we!