Celebrity Pet Superlatives: Who Has The Strangest Of Them All?

Celebrity Pet Superlatives: Who Has The Strangest Of Them All?
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From what they’re wearing to what they buy on their weekly drugstore runs, theres no denying the fact that Americans have a rather unhealthy obsession with all things celebrity. But lately, it seems that theres even more of a public interest in celebrity pets than in the actual celebrities themselves. This comes as no surprise when you consider the fact that pets have become somewhat of a fashion accessory these days. I’m not talking about your average tiny Chihuahua, a la Paris Hilton. These days, the crazier the pet, the more attention they garner. That being said, we decided to play a little game of celeb pet superlatives. Click through the slides to find out who made the cut.

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Most miniscule dog:
This one goes to Blake Lively's maltipoo, Penny, who is a regular visitor to the Gossip Girl set. I would have to describe her as the cutest real-life Beanie Baby I've ever seen.

Best pet name:
Megan Fox was one of the first celebs to jump on the Pot-Bellied Pig trend when she got Piggy Smalls earlier this year. The self-proclaimed animal lover recently had to give up Piggy Smalls due to time constraints, but that's OK because she still has eight other pets to keep her company (including a one-eyed squirrel).

Oddest celeb pet behavior:
This one goes to the one and only Courtney Love – what a shocker! I'm so not a reptile person, so I think owning a turtle is gross enough as it is, but putting it on your head is a whole other level of strange.

I'm officially freaked out – mission accomplished Courtney!

Most rodent-like pet:
Paris Hilton's rodent ferret, Cinderella, is just one of the many animals the socialite owns, but it is by far the grossest. Has anyone actually smelt a ferret? It's really not pleasant, but to each his own. At this point Paris could open a zoo with the number of animals she has roaming around her house.

Most royal pets:
Dita Von Teese is definitely known for being a bit on the eccentric side – to say the least. So it isn't surprising that she commissioned oil paintings of her pets dressed in royal garb. Back in July, she posted this twitpic of the final product.

My favorite of all the Dita pet portraits! Doesn't he looks like he could be the fourth Musketeer?

Most tragic pet story:
I'm pretty sure everyone knows the story by now, but I'll retell the tragic tale for those pop culturally inept individuals out there. Back in 2009, Simpson's maltipoo Daisy was grabbed by a coyote right in front of her eyes. The coyote vanished with the dog (who was a gift from ex husband, Nick Lachey) and was never to be seen again. R.I.P. Daisy.

Most tortured pet:
Tori Spelling's pug Mimi La Rue should be used to this kind of torture by now. Spelling regularly dresses her in costumes such as this Dorothy one, but the wig takes things to a whole new level of wrong.

Most original celebrity pet: This award goes to Rob and Big for their mini horse, who is pictured here with Big. Yes, the horse is riding around in the back seat of an SUV – enough said!

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