5 YouTube Channels That’ll Help You Get Your Financial Sh*t Together

Emily Laurence
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While we all have the best intentions when it comes to taking control of our finances, let’s be real: Sitting down and figuring out a monthly budget or researching how investing works isn’t exactly the most exciting activity. It doesn’t help that most finance gurus are dryer than a glass of good wine.

But changing the game are five savvy women who have made it their mission to learn the best finance tricks—and have gotten rich doing so. Now they’re sharing their insider knowledge with the masses in an engaging way, and they completely understand that buying coffee every day and paying extra for a good hair stylist can be totally worth it.

All five have YouTube channels that they update regularly. Because talking finance is not as engrossing as The Mindy Project, they keep the videos short so you can watch them while eating lunch at your desk. Scroll down to learn a little bit more about each guru—and how each can help pad your wallet.

Marie TV
If you feel like having your dream job and making money are mutually exclusive, Marie TV will inspire you to think differently. Marie Forleo worked on Wall Street before changing careers and becoming a journalist. Now she’s combining her two passions with her Marie TV YouTube channel and revealing her best business tips. Her channel is geared toward women who want to start a business or get ahead in their careers. With videos like “How to Run a Profitable, Purpose-Driven Business” to “Value What You Do,” her channel shows you how to do what you love while meeting your financial goals.

Financially Wise Women
Brittney Castro has worked at major financial-planning companies, but she prefers offering her tips woman to woman. She’s a little goofy, which brings a playfulness to topics like getting out of debt and explaining what a credit score is. Her tips touch on subjects ranging from day-to-day money management to figuring out how many years it will take to double your cash. Plus, she has a whole section on her channel dedicated to style-saving tips. Saving money doesn’t mean you have to give up shopping—you just have to do it smarter.

The Valley Girl Show
Think of this YouTube channel as a talk show with a business slant. Jesse Draper, who was a child actress on Nickelodeon, invites successful CEOs and business owners to share their hard-worn secrets. Past guests include Rebecca Minkoff, Jessica Alba, and Sheryl Sandberg. It’s the next best thing to having coffee with a really powerful mentor.

Young Finances
If you’re still in college or just graduated, LaTisha Style’s channel is right up your alley. Her tips on things like budgeting for groceries and making a monthly budget are broken down into simple, easy-to-follow steps. She also shares personal examples from her own life, like how she paid off $22,000 worth of credit card debt, proving nothing is too overwhelming to tackle.

SugarMamma TV
The name is totally cheesy, but the tips are legit. SugarMamma, who doesn’t reveal her real name, knows what she’s talking about. She loves Chanel and Sephora, but she also wants to rely on herself to pay for her luxuries. Her tips on the best way to use a credit card, paying off student debt, and avoiding buyer’s remorse will help you budget for your favorite fashion and beauty splurges too.