You Aren’t Alone: People Are Totally Checked Out At Work This Week

Leah Bourne

103924248 2 You Arent Alone: People Are Totally Checked Out At Work This Week

Feeling guilty that you’re much more focused on the upcoming holidays than you are on work this week? You aren’t alone. Based on a new survey by Virgin Pulse, Virgin Group’s employee-wellness program, 46 percent of workers are using office hours to shop for gifts, 28 percent are running holiday errands during work hours, and 20 percent are researching holiday recipes online during the workday.

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It isn’t just that people are using some of their workday to do holiday prep either, they are using the majority of their day. Two thirds of respondents are using up to 60 percent of their workday doing something holiday-related this time of year.

Here’s the good news: The people at your office most likely to be checking out right now are actually your bosses. CareerBuilder conducted a study and concluded that senior-level employees are the most likely to do their holiday shopping online during business hours.

Yup, basically everyone has thrown in the towel at this point, so no need to feel guilty that you just spent the majority of your day obsessing over the brownies your co-worker brought in rather than doing any actual work. Let’s just all agree that this week is basically a wash and get back to shopping for stocking stuffers now, O.K.?

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