Gwyneth Paltrow Named World’s Most Beautiful Woman By People; See Who Else Made The Cut

Spencer Cain

Every year, People magazine makes a big event of unveiling who they’ve chosen as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. Last year, it was Beyoncé, and this year, it’s none other than her BFF Gwyneth Paltrow. 

Yes, really.

Now, it’s so secret that Paltrow has taken quite a bruising in the press lately—even we’re guilty of publishing a few “why Gwyneth is annoying” pieces. The mass hatred is, likely, due to her her eye-rolling quotes about her lifestyle and her generally pretentious attitude about things like America, child-raising, nutrition, and pretty much everything else.

In fact, it seem folks are so put off by the actress that she was named Star‘s Most Hated Person in Hollywood this year, so landing the cover of People’s Most Beautiful issue is probably a lovely gift (and a bit of vindication) for the 40-year-old—who also happens to be promoting “Iron Man 3.”

The other celebrities who made the list aren’t particularly surprising, considering so much of who makes it on a magazine cover is political, often based on endorsement deals, what projects they’re promoting, and a slew of other industry factors.

Some of the more predictable choices include Halle Berry (duh) and this year’s Oscar winner and “Hunger Games” leading lady Jennifer Lawrence. Apart from the no-brainers, there were some interesting women chosen (Jane Fonda, anyone?), so click through the slideshow above for a look at who else People deemed beautiful enough to make the cut.

For more on the issue, head over to People!

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