The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Is Intense—Here’s How Your Sign Will Be Affected

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Is Intense—Here’s How Your Sign Will Be Affected
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

We have officially entered eclipse season and we are in for a wild ride! The four-week time period kicks off on June 5, 2020 with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, and concludes on July 5 with yet another Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. There’s also a Solar Eclipse happening smack in the middle of this timeline, too. Are you ready to experience not one, but three transformational eclipses this summer? 

Now, before you slam your laptop shut and start making plans to go into hiding for a month, let us remind you that transformation is *not* inherently bad. It might be painful, especially when we feel forced to make big changes in our lives, but often, the moments in which we thrive occur following a major transformational period.  For this reason, eclipses are not meant to be fearedthey are meant to be seen as triggers to ignite progress in our soul’s path. And c’mon, who doesn’t want to progress on their soul path?  

First, let’s back up a bit and start with the basics on eclipses. Eclipse season happens two to three times a year and occurs in pairs or threesomes. The phenomenon only happens when the sun, moon and Earth fall into a straight line. Eclipses are like supercharged Full and New Moons, giving us insight into where we can grow the most over the next six months. During eclipses, it is important to pay special attention to any new circumstances, problems, situations or triggers that are highlighted in your life—these represent the areas in which the universe wants you to grow and transform over the next six months. This is especially true if you’ve slipped or detoured from your soul’s path; you know who you are!  

STYLECASTER | Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020

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Lunar + Solar Eclipses Vs. Full + New Moons

A Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse, similar to a monthly Full Moon, provides answers to questions we’ve been looking for, bringing the culmination of circumstances we needed to let go of and revealing information that was once not available to us. A New Moon or Solar Eclipse gives us insight into new paths that are open to us, helps us meet new people who will join us on this new path and brings opportunities for us to make necessary changes in our life. The major difference between a monthly New or Full Moon and an Eclipse is the level of intensity. Eclipses are supercharged with power due to an alignment with the moon’s node, which governs our soul’s path.  

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Now that you’re grounded in the basics of eclipses in astrology, it’s time to talk about our very first eclipse of the summer. This Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse will happen on June 5th and will be visible mostly in the Southern Hemisphere including South America, southern Africa, Australia, Central and Southern Asia. The event starts at 1:45 p.m. ET and will last about three hours—and even if you can’t see it, the energy of this eclipse will still transform you. 

The June 5th Full Moon eclipse will happen at 15 degrees of Sagittarius and make some challenging aspects to Mars, Neptune and Venus. It is asking us to make adjustments and create balance in our lives when it comes to our beliefs about freedom, our rights, foreign relations, travel, higher education and how we communicate and share these beliefs.  With Mars in the mix, we might find ourselves in power struggles with others over our views and our right to express these views. 

Try not to come on too strong, and watch for miscommunication or misinformation, because Neptune will be casting a bit of energetic fog.  If you do find yourself at odds with someone else, remember the goal is to focus on the right level of adaptability that ensures both sides are heard and their issues are addressed.

Venus will be countering this Full Moon, placing a great emphasis on one-on-one relationships, especially the romantic kind. If you find that you and a lover are at odds, remember it’s not about winning or bowing out to avoid confrontation, it’s about finding a way to speak your truth in a loving and kind manner.  On a global level, these themes can appear as countries make or break agreements, laying out the framework as we restart the global economy in light of COVID.   

Who Will Feel It The Most

The energy of this eclipse might have us all feeling a bit somber during the days leading up to and following the eclipse.  Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces, especially with planets around the 15th degree, will feel the energy the most dramatically. This eclipse can bring fated events that ask you to deep-dive into your belief system, and release what beliefs are no longer helping you accomplish your dreams.

Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Libra, especially with planets around the 15th degree, might hear some good news as it relates to travel, higher education and the legal system. If you are a Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn, the energy of this eclipse might not directly impact you, but you more than likely will still see how it affects others around you.   

How To Prepare For The Eclipse

The night of the eclipse, be sure to cleanse your space during this powerful Full Moon, releasing any beliefs, habits, or people that no longer serve the most magical and peaceful version of yourself. Journal or connect with friends to discuss any heaviness you feel. Cry if you need to. Smudge with sage, take a calming salt bath or work with some black tourmaline to deepen the cleansing and release process. Releasing now will only better prepare you for this summer’s next Eclipse on June 21st.  Let the transformation begin.

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