Paul McCartney Scheduled to Play in New York


If you were stuck on the East Coast during Coachella, you have your second chance to see Paul McCartney play at the Citi Field Stadium in New York! Enter stage left: hordes of teenage girls screaming, crying and stampeding in to the stadium like the wildebeests in the Lion King.

Paul McCartney is scheduled to play two shows on July 17th and July 18th. Tickets go on sale June 15th here.

In a press release, McCartney said, “The Beatles were the first to play at Shea Stadium and along with Billy Joel, I was the last to sing at the old Shea. So to be the first to play this stadium is incredible. I am really looking forward to a buzzing–.”

“Show…?” Is that what you were going to say Sir Paul McCartney; ohmigod, we’re finishing each other’s sentences… * nervous laughter * Let’s be best friends… I love you…