See Kate Moss, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, More in Paul McCartney’s “Queenie Eye” Video

Valeria Nekhim

Sir Paul McCartney took a page from the Woody Allen playbook by casting a who’s-who of celebrities in the music video for his new song, “Queenie Eye,” and it’s amazing. After all, it’s not everyday we get to see Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp rocking out in the same studio, while Kate Moss dances in booty shorts on top of a grand piano. (Yeah, it’s that level of awesome.)

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There is nothing not to love about this video, but given its duration  (4:19) and the number of stars in it (over 20!), it’s easy to get celebrity overload. Never fear! We spent the better part of the afternoon procrastinating naming as many of the key figures in the video—and exactly where each person makes their first appearance. You’re welcome.

If you can identify the remaining individuals, we’ll be forever impressed. And now, without further adieu, the official “Queenie Eye” cameo breakdown:

0:14: Sir Paul McCartney plays the piano in Birkenstocks, Birkenstocks!!!

0:44: A pensive Johnny Depp (he’s probably thinking about seeing ex-Kate Moss) is sitting on the floor wearing  a black and white stripped vest and numerous rings (how trendy!)

1:15: Model and musician Lily Cole head bops along with Depp, is fabulous.

1:20: Jack Savoretti looks on somewhat creepily from the staircase.

1:23: Tamara Rojo dances like no one is watching.

1:42:  Tracey Ullman does the hand jive, or something akin to it.

1:46: Chris Pine dons a red beanie, goes for the boho vibe will tapping his hand on his leg.

1:56: All hail Tom Ford, in what are probably sunglasses of his own design.

2:05:  Actress Alice Eve crawls seductively on McCartney’s piano. Soon Kate Moss will dance on it.

2:30: Who knew Jeremy Irons could pull off a straw fedora so well?

2:34: Jude Law gives Johnny Depp‘s pensive face a run for its money. God, he’s sexy.

2:39: James Cordon is all smiles.

3: 05: It’s MERYL STREEP, and wowza — she’s got moves. And there’s American filmmaker and artist, Liz Goldwyn on her far right.

3:20: Kate Moss reminds ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp what he’s missing by being all Moss-like and flaunting some serious butt cleavage.

3:25: Oh, hey Sean Penn, whats up?

Who else did you spot in the video? Tell us and we’ll add ’em to our list!

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