Paul McCartney Plays Coachella


There are a few things I imagine would be so marvelous to see that they would actually cause me to burst into stardust if I ever laid eyes on them: a blue whale; a baby dinosaur; and Paul McCartney. Alas, if I had been at Coachella last night to see Paul McCartney’s set, our universe would have a black hole exactly where I’d been standing.

While critics would say McCartney was an interesting choice for the indie festival, we have to remember The Beatles never could categorize themselves in to a singular genre and in hindsight were technically the original indie band. Fueled by ludicrous rumors that Ringo, the Foo Fighters, and/or Michael Jackson (what.) would show up, McCartney had probably some of the highest expectations set for him. Suffice to say, McCartney did not disappoint any Coachella attendees and was an amazing choice for this music festival.

Paul McCartney played an emotionally tender set with, “My Love” dedicated to his late wife as yesterday was the 11th anniversary of Linda’s passing and “Here Today” in honor of John Lennon. McCartney alluded even more so with how the day was, “an emotional day” but left Coachella’s spirits ever raised with his two-encore set list which included: Birthday, Can’t Buy Me Love, Lady Godiva and then Yesterday (if I didn’t explode upon seeing Sir Paul McCartney, I would have most definitely combusted during this song), Helter Skelter, Get Back, and finally Sgt. Pepper’s Lonley Hearts Club Band.

Would I have risked exploding in a supernova to see McCartney’s set? To sing along to “Hey Jude”, um… yeah… I would…. Sorry Universe.