Patrick Swayze Death Honored on Dancing with the Stars


As if sequins and an ex-felons twirling about to disco music wasn’t enough for your Wednesday night, Dancing with the Stars hosted a Patrick Swayze tribute last night. The professionals performed interpretations of “She’s Like the Wind,” and the finale dance from Dirty Dancing. If anything…this just kind of reminded you that the professional dancers are professionals…and Macy Gray is kind of odd. The tribute was touching, actually, seeing real dancers commemorate one of their own.

In the end, Macy Gray was sent packing amidst a flurry of curses and the explanation that her “different components” made her “like a fruit bar,” which is really funny, but makes no sense at all. Because of course you’re wondering, Tom DeLay and Chuck Liddell are neck and neck (although not height-wise), and Aaron Carter is pretty damn good for a juvenile delinquent. Kelly Osbourne has also been surprisingly not bad…besides her horrific Lawrence Welk hair.