A New App Lets You Turn Your Selfies into a Passport Photo

passport photo app3 A New App Lets You Turn Your Selfies into a Passport Photo

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Near the top of my list of Things I Hate Doing, straight after visiting the DMV, is getting a new passport photo. My current photo is so terrible that I’m surprised when border security agrees to stamp my entry into a new country—which is why I love the idea of ItsEasy, a new app that relaunched on Wednesday to help you (and me!) take a passport snap you’re actually happy with and also then renew your passport. You can either have the image emailed to you for free or pay for the service to print and deliver in the regulation passport size. Clever!

Obviously, the quality of your photo will depend on how fancy your camera phone is, and there are several factors that still need to be considered to make your snap comply with guidelines. You can either use the selfie or regular camera; to help, an outline will show you where your face needs to be while counting down until the photo is taken.

An email with your photo is then sent to the app team who will assess it and either accept or deny your picture depending on whether it’s passport-worthy. 

David Alwadish, the app’s founder explained that they’re looking for “sufficient lighting, direction of lighting so there are no shadows, plain white background.” He also added that while a selfie camera is often good enough, using your standard phone camera with help from a friend makes the process easier. 

And, of course, if you mess up your first photo, it’s pretty damn easy to just pick up your smartphone and snap another one.

passport photo app1 A New App Lets You Turn Your Selfies into a Passport Photo

Here’s the app guiding me while I attempt my best “no smiling” passport selfie.