Party Report Card: Miley Cyrus Celebrates Her Cosmopolitan Cover At Acme

Spencer Cain

With a flurry of high profile events every night, it’s hard to know which ones are actually good—and which ones fall flat. Trying to make sense of it all we bring you the Party Report Card, giving you the inside scoop on everything from how much booze was served to who was seen with who at some of the hottest events. This isn’t a gut class so getting an A+ won’t be easy (though we have been known to give extra credit to those who whip out the Dom and caviar).
Last night, we celebrated the impending end of fashion week with Miley Cyrus, whose Cosmopolitan cover (styled by Rachel Zoe!) has been making quite a splash in the past few weeks. Cyrus hosted a party for the mag at the NoHo hotspot Acme. This was a fashion week party unlike any we’ve been to this week. While we’re used to street style photographers crowding around event entrances, the outside of Acme was swarmed by Cyrus’ adoring fans and hoards of paparazzi. Below, we rate the event!
The Venue: The party was held at Acme, the NoHo hotspot. The venue features two floors, and guests went back and forth effortlessly. Considering this was a big event, this was the perfect space—however towards the end, if you wanted to head to the upper floor you had to exit the party entirely. Still, it was hard to find fault with the space. Grade: A-
The Music: We’re a bit jaded when it comes to events, but this one seriously delivered in terms of music. For one thing, the DJ paid homage to the 1990s, playing hits from bands like TLC and No Doubt. As a fun side note, when Cyrus arrived the bash, she was greeted with her single “Party in the USA.” Grade: A
The Guests: With a slew of editors and fashion folk all around, at times it was hard to circulate and work the room. However, A-listers like Cyrus and her mother enjoyed themselves, and it was rumored that the boys from Maroon 5 were in the house, although we didn’t see them. Oscar nominated Quvenzhanã Wallis, the youngest Oscar nominee in history (she’s nine), was also in attendance. Grade: B+
The Food: While it was hard to snag an appetizer, there were waitresses passing trays of goodies, like Acme’s crab cakes—one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. All we can say is that the spread definitely could have been expanded. Grade: C+
The Booze: The open bar consisted of wine and beer, so if you were in the mood for hard liquor you had to shell out the big bucks. Grade: B –
Overall Grade: B+