Party Photog Kirill On NYC Nightlife: Party Boys Part 1


Aside from fashion and models, there are a few more things that New York City is known for like its superior nightlife. And where would we be without the individuals that take our photos, play our music and keep our glasses filled? Definitely not in New York. In the city that literally never sleeps, a few main players in the nightlife scene take a break from sleeping in and get candid. These nocturnal boys know a thing or two about culture and style, and if thats not impressive in a dude, we dont know what is. First up in our series on boys about town is the party photographer, because what would the party kids do without him?

The Photographer: Kirill Bichutsky

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Lets face it. We cant rely solely on Facebook to recap the previous night for us. Enter, Kirill Bichutsky. This man has a talent for capturing people at their most stylish, most crazy and sometimes most intoxicated moments. Regardless of the situation, Kirill is able to impeccably capture the energy that not only pulsates through the club walls, but of New York City as well. Naturally, we had a few questions for the party photog.

How did you get started?

This all goes back to, basically I AM FRIENDS WITH A LOT of DJs before I even had the website and I always had a problem and I always had a camera, and I messed around. I always liked taking photos and the DJs liked me taking their photo because they would use them for their MySpace profile photos and for flyers. So, I always had a camera and we messed around, it was never anything serious, it was just ‘oh, Im in the DJ booth just hanging with friends and a camera’ although my camera was a little bit more professional. And then one night we were at Citrine and it was like me, DJ Berri, Alex Glen, my boy Danny, and we were just looking at the crowd and we were like ‘this would be awesome to photograph right now’ so I literally ran home, got my camera, shot from the DJ booth, ran into the crowd, took a few photos, we looked at the photos and were like ‘these photos are awesome, we need to figure out a way to put them online or something.’ So, the next week we kind of came up with the website, the logo…

What are your favorite places in the city to party?

My favorite places to party in New York City are generally places where the crowd is actually raging, just partying, is just like losing their minds at how good the music is, just jumping around. And mostly that happens at a club with a dance floor because I think bottle service kind of restricts a lot of people from truly enjoying themselves because everyones taking themselves a little bit too serious, I think. I really dont like the hipster movement because theres a lot of hipster clubs where its great music but everyone just stands around and stares at each other. I love going to Juliet; any Thursday night there is one of my favorite nights to just roll by at like two in the morning and just get drunk and party with the crowd and take photos of them just because those people are just lost in the party and theyre not concerned with what you think of them. RdV is the same way. Its just a fun, fun room to party at.


Usually I dont even wake up in time to make brunch, but if I didWell, theres two things: To shoot a brunch or to brunch period. Shooting a brunch, the go-to answer is the Koch Brothers brunch or the Lavo brunch just to capture all the mayhem of people spraying champagne on each other after eating a fine meal, I guess, is a fun place to be. But, I personally love food, and if I were to go to a brunch Id probably go to something a little more tame, but then again I havent woken up for a brunch in ages so I dont even know where to go for a good brunch. My go to answer would be Outback, but Outback is my go-to answer all the time, for food, period.

If you could invite anyone from any period of time out to party with you, who would be your top three picks?

My top three picks would probably be people I love, but theyre from my time, which would be Dave Grohl, Marilyn Manson and Jim Carrey. But, I would love to party with them in a different time period, which would probably be like the ’80s and ’90s when I think most clubs werent as corporate, it was just like free-spirited everyone could do what they want. Not saying that I do drugs, but everything was just open, everyone was having a great time.

What sets a girl apart from the rest stylistically?

I think it’s basically how you look in what youre wearing and not always what youre wearing, because I think a lot of people, a lot girls, Ive noticed just try to dress so crazy and out of the ordinary and shock value and yeah, it does catch your eye it stops your eye, but then your second impression is like, ‘dude that looks awful on you.’ Weve all seen those red carpet commentaries in magazines like, why was she wearing that? Yeah, youre wearing something really different but it doesnt look good on you and it might set you apart, but not in a good way.

What was the last outfit you saw on a girl that turned your head? That made you cringe?

To answer this question honestly, Id have to say I dont remember, mainly because I do notice girls’ outfits and thats what Im drawn to a lot of times with appearances with my camera, but usually by the end of the night Im so black out drunk that I dont remember what I did ten minutes before that. So, I guess Id have to look through my galleries and find photos that I like of girls that Ive shot, but theres actually nothing that comes to mind that really made me turn my head.

What music/art/designers influence your personal style?

I actually took a cue from LMFAO for this, mainly because I kind of decided that I would have to really stand out from everyone else and I kind of like wearing something that no one else has. I actually do a lot of sweatshirt shopping on ebay, like, my vintage sweatshirts; Ive got a cat sweatshirt. I buy anything that I think is funny and Ive rocked my Casio calculator watch for years and I have zebra shorts that LMFAO gave me. Basically I like to wear something in a club that will probably get a reaction out of people and theyll remember me and thats basically where my personal style comes from, I guess. I dont like to go to stores or buy anything.

What is the most played song on your iPod right now?

I dont really have an iPod, but when I edit photos I actually need a musical soundtrack because I’d lose my mind if I didnt use it. The two most recent things Ive been playing is the new Chromeo album which is awesome I love it, like, I think those guys are amazing and Ive recently started replaying Eminems Marshall Mathers LP. I just love Eminem and it was kind of nostalgic to go back and listen to that from when I was in my high school days. Yeah, Im old, Jesus.

What would we be surprised to learn about you?

The first ten seconds of the music video “Shots by LMFAO and Lil Jon. I play a gay magician in purple pants sipping a martini. Check it out.

If you werent taking pictures, what would you want to be doing?

Definitely still be in the arts. I mean, I dropped out of college, I was going for graphic design and film so I would definitely always have graphics with me, I guess. Just because I love art, I love making art. Ive always wanted to do film, make movies or something like that. I just have a desire to constantly create and at this point its photography. I still do graphic design on the side for fun, for my friends and shit. I think I would dabble in film and probably pack my shit up and move to L.A and just try to wriggle my way out into the film industry somehow, so, yeah.

All Photos Courtesy: Kirill Bichutsky