The Cool-Girl’s Guide to Party Outfits

The Cool-Girl’s Guide to Party Outfits
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It’s so cliché that it almost pains me to admit it, but the number one reason I’m always out the door way later than planned on Friday and Saturday nights is that somehow, among all my many, many clothes, I can’t find anything I actually want to wear. So, there are the default options: the same little black dress or skirt-and-top combo I wore the Saturday prior, or else a crapshoot outfit that could be great—or I could end up regretting the second I get in an Uber.

Back in college, when “getting ready” was as much of an event as the party itself, the process was actually kinda enjoyable—but now? Meh, I’d rather love the first thing I put on and get on with my night.

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So, for a little party-outfit inspo, we’ve rounded up 25 ideas that should help you cut your agonizing time in half this weekend (or so we hope), from dresses and miniskirts to jumpsuits and jeans—and, yes, a few going-out tops thrown in there for good measure. Now, neither of us will have an excuse for being late.

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