20 Pretty Centerpieces to Take Your Party to the Next Level

Party centerpieces
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I love throwing parties and dinner parties—basically having people over in any way, shape, or form—but I haven’t yet mastered the art of season-specific décor, let alone party-specific accessories. Light a candle, throw any errant clothes in my dresser, and make sure the place is passably clean, and I call it a day. And look, I’m not about to advise you to go all-out creating some elaborate DIY centerpiece every time a few people join you for dinner. However, the holidays are coming up, and that means many gatherings. If you happen to be hosting, and want to make your place a little more stylish, it’s possible to make your table look festive without going crazy.

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No matter what the occasion, these ideas will make your space feel a little more special—and are sure to get compliments. Varying from ones that would take a little more time and effort (driftwood displays, fancy-ish flower arrangements) to those that are ideal for lazy hostesses (a single branch in a bottle, a strategically placed potted plant), draw inspiration from these 20 lovely centerpieces and make your own party a little more memorable.

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20 party centerpiece ideas you can DIY | @stylecaster