Paris Fashion Week: Fendi O’s VIP night


The Tuesday night Paris Fashion Week schedule included the Alexander McQueen show at 8:30 pm, its after party at the Plaza Athenee, and Fendi’s late night private party at resurrected-for-one-night-only Paris club spot VIP Lounge on Rue de Rivoli. Just because Fendi shows in Milan does not mean they can’t party like it’s 1999…or ’85 as some of last night’s looks (Prince, we’re looking at you) would suggest.

Obviously in attendance: Karl Lagerfeld. The real star of the night, however, was Beth Ditto, of The Gossip…if only because she got to pose for a snap shot with KL. Just kidding, party attendees were raving about her performance, which started at 12:20 am and lasted a full 45 minutes. We’re talking 45 minutes of Karl Lagerfeld on the dance floor, seriously. I mean, if Beth Ditto stripped down to this little sequined number, wouldn’t you dance for her?


Karl was quoted saying, “you need to have a lot of energy and talent to sing and put yourself out there like that,” about Ditto. Flashback for just a second, do you remember that time Karl said, “any woman bigger than a size 38 is not a woman.” We do. Just wanted to throw that out there.


Look at that! Prince stills fit into the same digs he wore in 1985. Confession though: we may or may not love the look…would you say no to fuchsia silk and a gold plated necklace like that? No, you wouldn’t. P, are your sunglasses Dior? We never would have guessed. New Jersey teenage girl alert.


“Who is Sliimy” was the Twitter trending topic that dominated July. Well, behold, Sliimy: a cross between Rihanna, Christian Siriano, and Russell Brand, a strange creature who landed an invitation to one of Fashion Week’s best parties, and the new object of my affection.


Speaking of Russell Brand, he has just touched down in Paris to spend the final days of PFW with Katy Perry (bleeding soul alert.) He tweeted earlier this morning: I’m in “Gay Paris”- I swear as an Englishman that by the time I leave tomorrow it’ll be known as “Hetero Paris”. Or at least “Bi Paris.”

For the record Rustyrocket, I’ve lived here for two months and I can assure you, Gay Paris officially became Bi Paris long before you got here.


Sean Lennon and girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl (over-the-jean lace-ups are definitely not our preferred look) were also in attendance. I’m not over the fact that you and your father have rhyming names, Sean. Will you name your first son Ron…or Bon…or Don? Paris seems to have stripped me of the ability to make a funny joke.


Surprise of the night part two: Alexa Chung DJed in-between catch up sessions with British bestie Kate Moss. What do you think they’re talking about? The loo? TopShop? Exposed nipples?

The party did last until the wee-hours of the night, but all attendees were able to pull it together make it to the Louis Vuitton show today at Cour Caree du Louvre at 2:30 pm, perfectly on time…and we know how adamant Marc has become about starting on time.

Tomorrow we officially say goodbye to Fashion Week, but don’t worry just yet…recaps are still rolling in.