Paris Fashion Week: Bringing Back the Afro


Marc Jacobs‘ Spring 2010 collection for Louis Vuitton today in Paris is causing quite the buzz. From the on-the-dot start time which left many a magazine editor out in the cold, to the Facebook-only live streaming of the runway show, people are definitely talking. And while the models’ hair and makeup at runway shows often takes a backseat to the fashions, this season, the LV girl’s hair was front and center–and large. Jacobs channeled the disco decade with enormous afros in every shade possible, from white blonde to fiery red, sending the message that anyone of any background can rock the trend–that is, if you have a very healthy head of hair. Otherwise, the wig shop down the street may be your best bet.


Below, we remember some of the top lady ‘fros of the past.

1. Beyoncé Knowles


Beyoncé back in her Goldmember days. Who knows what kinds of weapons she’s hiding in there to combat Dr. Evil.

2. The Supremes


The Supremes circa 1970 rocking semi-tame ‘fros. The motown icons will forever remain in our hearts (and in our iTunes) for songs like “Stop! In the Name of Love!”

3. Christina Aguilera


“Genie in a Bottle” singer, Christina Aguilera, arrived looking like this at the 2001 Blockbuster Awards. Possibly Jacobs’ inspiration for look on the right? At least he was sensible enough to nix the braid headband/cornrows. Too much.

4. Marsha Hunt


Singer, actress, model, novelist (oh wait, and Mick Jagger’s baby mama), Marsha Hunt, pulls off the ultimate afro.

5. Jourdan Dunn


On the cover of French Elle in 2008. Not surprisingly, the rising supermodel pulls off the bold hairdo with ease.

6. Annie


Who knew our favorite childhood character Annie was so ahead of the times? Or maybe her “Hard Knock Life” didn’t allow her to afford a haircut…either way…

7. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga rocks the matted ‘fro on the June cover of Rolling Stone. Marc Jacobs may accessorize his ‘fros with Hello Kitty bows, but Gaga does it in the nude…with bubbles. Win.