Paris Fashion Week: Arzu Kaprol’s International Love Story

Paris Fashion Week: Arzu Kaprol’s International Love Story
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Observing Arzu Kaprol‘s presentation last night in Paris felt a bit like walking through a hazy journey where your sense of place and location dissolves and re-materializes. Starting with the undeniably romantic location of the Palais Royale garden, attendees wandered between Thierry Dreyfus’s enchanting film installation depicting dreamy images of Kaprol’s native Istanbul, and intermittent appearances of models wearing designs inspired in part by Southern Ethiopian tribal body paintings.

Working with a contrast between skin-tight garments and highly textural details, her spring/summer collection showcased tight bodysuits paired with gem-encrusted leggings, tiny shift dresses with slightly Star Trek-esque forms and patterns, and some particularly awesome structured, voluminous dresses with details that looked like folded paper sculptures. Most pleasing, however, were Kaprol’s surprising and inventive accessories like long lattice-cut cuff bracelets and half-gloves.

To us, these are the best kind of fashion shows where you’re taken out of reality and thrown into a fantasy land. Of course, the free champagne and sugary macaroons helped, too.

Leonora Epstein is a freelance writer living in Paris. Find out more about her on her site and blog.