Paris Jackson’s Road Trip Look Is Out of Our Wildest Bohemian Dreams

Paris Jackson’s Road Trip Look Is Out of Our Wildest Bohemian Dreams
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer For Entertainment/Getty Images.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably checked Paris Jackson’s Instagram account for fashion inspo. (We know we have.) Now, she’s on a road trip with her sweet pup, Koa, and she’s oh-so-generously sharing some pics and videos from the adventure.

Recently, an Instagram story of her driving (alongside her canine co-pilot) piqued our interest, because, well, have you ever seen someone accessorize so damn flawlessly?

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paris jackson

Instagram/Paris Jackson

Let’s start with the obvious: Those shades are totally 70s, and we’re absolutely digging them. And the printed headband? Suddenly, we need one. Those woven hoop earrings are to-die-for. And the scarf—don’t get us started on the scarf.

But what really takes the cake are her layers of beaded necklaces. They complement each other in a these-don’t-go-together-but-they-go-together kind of way, and we’re totally here for the spontaneity. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Jackson.

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Since we know you’re dying to recreate this look (it can’t just be us, right?), we’ve made this post shoppable. Scroll down to build your own Paris Jackson-inspired road trip outfit. It’ll require a handful of pieces, but the final product—the effortlessly bohemian, completely dream-worthy outfit—will be worth it.

Round sunglasses: $10 at Urban Outfitters.

urban outfitters round sunglasses

Urban Outfitters.

Headband: $18 at Loza Tam.

loza tam tribal headband

Loza Tam.

Beaded drop circle earrings: $13 at Nordstrom Rack.

beaded circle drop earrings

Nordstrom Rack.

Red, two-toned scarf: $18 at Mango.

red scarf


Beaded necklace: $48 at Free People.

turquoise beaded necklace

Free People.

Crystal choker: $28 at Free People.

crystal choker

Free People.

Resin pendant necklace: $38 at Free People.

resin pendant necklace

Free People.